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Welcome to ruthiedarling.com – the online home for Ruthie Darling’s children’s books, “THE HOLE STORY,” “MIRANDA THE PANDA”, “MRS. LIBRA AND ZOEY ZEBRA”, “MOONBEAM”, “‘OND’DERFUL, “THE ONE STOP ADOPTION SHOP”, “MY ANGEL WATCHES OVER ME” and her upcoming release, just in time for Thanksgiving, “T.T. TURKEY – THE TURKEY THAT GOT AWAY.”

“This isn’t Charlie Brown!” This is a NEW Thanksgiving Day story for ALL AGES, and it contains an important message!

Ruthie has created a world of wonder for the child in all of us. She explores familiar topics and at the same time she introduces educational concepts.

Ruthie has welcomed the talents of Tricia Capraro in her first two books and the incredible illustrative talents of freelance artist Adam Devaney in her new publications.

Join Ruthie and see what she has to share.  You can contact Ruthie directly if you wish to purchase a signed copy or copies of her educational and captivating books!

More About Ruthie
Ruthie Darling, author of “THE HOLE STORY,”  is about nothing/zero and spatial concepts. Her second children’s book, “MIRANDA THE PANDA,”  is about looking in other places when everything you need is right in front of you.  Her third book, “MRS. LIBRA AND ZOEY ZEBRA,” is a charming story about learning to accept and appreciate yourself for who you are. It is brilliantly illustrated by Adam Devaney and it is to Adam that she owes her everlasting thanks and appreciation for making Zoey and her mother, Mrs. Libra, come alive!

Ms. Darling is a former Elementary School teacher who has been inspired by children throughout her life.

HER MISSION: Empowering children and adults through the world of children’s literature!

More About Tricia Cottengaim
Tricia Cottengaim, a graduate of Cal State San Bernadino with a Bachelors of Arts in Painting. She loves creating art of any kind and has always admired the imagination of children.

More About Adam Devaney
Adam Devaney, a successful freelance illustrator, found his passion for drawing at the young age of 5.  Not only does his art bring smiles to faces, young and old alike, they also make any story Adam illustrates come beautifully alive!

Tricia Capraro

Adam Devaney

“I highly recommend reading all of Ruthie Darling’s children’s books. Not only will children enjoy the stories, but there is always a ‘moral’ to the story, which opens up a ‘whole’ other story for discussion!”
Cynthia – Palm Desert, CA
“I love the books! When you read them aloud they come alive.”
Judy – Fernandina Beach, FL
“Ruthie, it was great seeing you. My girls loved the books!”

Marilyn – Indio, CA
“These are stories that warm your heart and the lessons found in each one apply to every age.”
Susie – Madison, WI
“Zoey is a great reminder for little girls – beauty comes from within.”
Mary – Huntington Beach, CA
“Wonderful books that teach life lessons in a vibrant and colorful way.”
Kristen – Spokane, WA
The students at James Madison Elementary School really enjoyed Ruthie Darling’s “The HOLE Story”.  They hung on every descriptive word as she shared her story during the Dr. Seuss Day Celebration in March.  After Ruthie stopped reading, the children chattered on about various ‘holes’. The story opened up their imaginations. In addition, the students watched the pages turn and anticipated the little red haired girl’s adventures with a hole of some kind on every page. Awesome!
Kathleen Klug – Indio, CADesert Sands Unified School District, James Madison Elementary School
“The beauty of this book & beautiful story for me is that it transports me back to a time without stress, or money, or bills, or taxes to a time when I was young and rediscovered the joy experiencing the beauty and awe of learning and the universe.  Thank you for the beautiful vacation.”
Charles – Starwood, WA
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