Interview With Author, Ruthie Darling. “Empowering Children And Adults Through The Wonderful World Of Children’s Literature.”

By: Valerie Milano – February 21, 2020

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 02/17/2020 – “what it is I do and that is, since I haven’t spent my whole life writing, I believe my writing is a God given gift! Author Ruthie Darling told The Hollywood Times. The bottom line for author Ruthie Darling is simple: Contributing to children’s literature in a way that is subliminally educational, putting smiles on people’s faces and “Empowering children and adults through the wonderful world of children’s literature.” Her stories have resonated with all ages and she has truly proven herself to be the classic example of “never say never.”

Growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ruthie always felt that she had quite the knack for storytelling. After numerous professions such as teaching grade school, a stint in real estate sales and selling Medicare supplements, Ruthie felt that she could be doing more by way of writing.

Taking inspiration from the very children that she had taught, Ruthie began writing a series of stories centering around various self defining topics that children from all walks of life will eventually encounter. With stories such as Miranda The Panda, Mrs. Libra And Zoey Zebra, and her latest, Moonbeam, Ruthie has been able to help teach children, as well as adults the importance of their own sense of self.

Recently I was afforded the honor of sitting with Ruthie and asking a few questions regarding her wonderful efforts in education through literature.

Valerie Milano: Thank you for the opportunity to sit and have a chat. What first brought you to the decision to write children’s books?

Ruthie Darling: Well, after I moved from Chicago to South Palm Desert in 2001, I wanted to expand on some stories that I had written. It originally began with some inspiration from Sam Spade and the Maltese Falcon, which led to my Sam Sniffer series, in prose. When I eventually stumbled upon writing in rhyme, I almost decided against it. Writing in rhyme is not as easy as it appears, but being the ultimate optimist, I thought what I wrote was wonderful! In retrospect, it was awful.

Valerie Milano: Well you obviously now have an audience! Was your original goal aimed at writing for children?

Ruthie Darling: Honestly, I began writing with the intention of targeting the two to seven year old demographic, but somehow ended up resonating with people of all ages.

Valerie Milano: Can you give me an example of what your stories aim to symbolize?

Ruthie Darling: Sure! “Mrs. Libra and Zoey Zebra” for example is about not being happy with certain attributes or things you can’t change about yourself. I hope for those who read to walk away with three life lessons: Learning to accept and appreciate yourself for who you are, that we’re all a small part of nature’s designs, and beauty comes from within.

Valerie Milano: Such a wonderful message! Can you tell me what you’re most proud of concerning your accomplishments?

Ruthie Darling: After having been rejected numerous times, I am now self publishing. My books have now reached a worldwide audience prior to going global on Moving to the desert has been a magical experience for me, though if I had remained in Chicago, there’s no telling what might have occurred. Just the other day, I was asked to be a guest speaker at the Boys and Girls Club in Cathedral City; naturally I said “yes!” I do know one thing though. I love what I do and I do what I love. My one hope is to help make a positive contribution to our world.

Valerie Milano: Do you feel that you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to do?

Ruthie Darling: Within the past 40 plus years, I’ve honed my writing to a fine craft/art, and I can truthfully say that if I wasn’t as passionate about what I’m doing, then I’d be crazy to still be doing this. I’m determined to break down the door in this genre, which is from what I’ve been told, the most difficult genre to enter. I’ll add in closing that when one door closes, another one opens. As long as I’m allowed to do so, I’ll continue to forge onward as I believe to have been bestowed with a God given gift.


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